Wood and Wires

Reviewers' comments:

“Despite the ‘experimental' label, the music is tuneful and very accessible....An interesting and enjoyable taster of the possibilities afforded by the combination of woodwind and electronics.” - Clarinet and Saxophone, Volume 33, No. 2 (Summer 2008). www.cassgb.org.

“Considered on its own terms, Wood and Wires is a very engaging listen. Digital multi-tracking is used to layer up repeated phrases in a way that is clearly influenced by the minimalist school of 20th-century music, but these are overlaid with enough melodic content to satisfy the stuckists of this world.” - Sound on Sound, November 2008. www.soundonsound.com.

"Wood and wires is an intriguing collection of pieces that combines and juxtaposes instruments from the single reed family, with sounds created electronically.... Often the music on this CD combines lightness with wistful playfulness to pleasing and unusual effect." www.new-classics.co.uk.