Wood and wires

Wood and wires is a collection of pieces that explores the combination and juxtaposition of a range of instruments from the single reed family with sounds created electronically. The seven pieces in the collection use different combinations of woodwind timbre, and each modifies or adds to the woodwind palette with synthesized sounds, samples, or electronic effects and processes. Sometimes the aim is to arrive at a homogeneous blend of sound; sometimes an element of incongruity is retained.

The pieces do not have individual titles, but only numbers. This does not imply that they should be understood as movements of a single, longer work; it is more an allusion to the additive processes that feature in some of the pieces. Some of these are structural (e.g. ground bass), some are textural, (canons, polyrhythms), and some are rhythmic (expanding bar lengths and phrase lengths). There was no deliberate intention to produce a “crossover” album; nevertheless, in importing sound sources from popular musical genres, occasionally I found other elements of the idiom had arrived in the same package.

One. For soprano and tenor saxes, with synthesizers and sampled percussion.

Two. For clarinet, with sampled marimba.

Three. For alto sax, with synthesizers and drum machine.

Four. For solo clarinet, with electronic effects.

Five. For solo clarinet, with delay unit.

Six. For E flat contrabass clarinet, tenor sax, soprano sax and E flat clarinet, with sampled cowbell and talking drum.

Seven. For E flat contrabass clarinet and multi-tracked B flat clarinets.