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Syrinx is a Wind quintet based in Oxfordshire.  Our members are Simon Salisbury (flute), Rachel Porter (oboe), Peter Foster (clarinet), Benj Colyer (horn) and Bill Fox (bassoon).  Our repertoire includes classical wind ensemble music, and contemporary music in serious and popular styles. 


We are available for concerts, charity events, garden parties or formal dinners, and will provide music to suit the type of event.

The musicians

Our members have diverse backgrounds, and originally came together because of their love of wind ensemble playing.  Simon Salisbury has had a distinguished career in music education, Rachel Porter is a freelance musician, Peter Foster is Director of Music in an Oxfordshire school, Benj Colyer practises as an Osteopath, and Bill Fox is a retired property developer.


In Ovid's Metamorphoses, Syrinx was a water-nymph whose beauty had caught the eye of the god Pan.  Disgusted by his goat-like appearance, she fled rather than submit to his unwanted advances.  On reaching the River Ladon, Syrinx threw herself in, and was then transformed into a reed by her fellow nymphs.

Seeking consolation for his thwarted desires, Pan seized a bunch of reeds from the river and fashioned them into the first set of pan-pipes.  Who knows whether Syrinx was one of them...


If you would like to book Syrinx for a concert or event, or would like more information, please contact Bill Fox on 01844 279716, or click here to send an email.